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My Story

Pelona - the greatest Mexican Porn Star ever!

Known as the number 1 real Squirter Queen, she works with Ramon Monstercock, Docchorro, and the gorgeous Gali Diva - the Mexican Milf.
Pelona was born Lorena Zavala in a small fishing town in Baja California and from a young age was a beautiful girl with fabulous huge tits and a pussy constantly ready for fucking but for many years she never had a real orgasm.
This went on until 2005 when she met Alex Docchorro who was at the time a professional motocross rider, they started dating and he taught her how to achieve squirting orgasms which are the ultimate for every woman.
The next year when Doc’s career ended, he and Pelona started making adult material which was fun but fate had more in store for this hyper-sexual Goddess.
Everything changed when she was contacted by a big porn producer from the US and soon afterward she officially became PELONA THE SQUIRTER QUEEN PORN STAR!!!
She is truly one of the greatest real squirters in the industry, has a huge smoking fetish, constantly dresses as the slut she is, and is committed to sucking and fucking her way to stardom!
Her videos are Docchorro presentations, are produced by Josh Stone, Docchorro Production and she knows you’ll love watching her getting filthy with porn stars like Ramon Monstercock.
So without further introduction, here she is – the one and only, the world-famous Mexican porn star, PELONA THE SQUIRTER QUEEN!

Features On The App



The timeline got two versions one Desktop and One Mobile.Bhot is amazing and so easy with Hashtag to find what you looking for. All the Vip Groups post are reflected o the Timeline


One of the best futures on the App is the Vip Group. Pelona has like 10 Vip groups included Full Video, Live Streaming, Private Video Call, New Update, and much more!!!



The Video Call is one of the features long from the Follower. interacting with Pelona nos is so easy. Just subscribe and video calls Pelona.

Now you can Video Call Pelona without Sbscribe


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to shoot with new Fans. Let's connect.

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